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Mission and Vision

'insight guides practice, practice tests insight'
Jiangbao - International College of Taijiquan aims to provide an inspirational educational program for Taijiquan practitioners who want to shape their personal growth professionally. We aim to provide a program that promotes the competencies of Taijiquan practitioners in a harmonious, professional and academic way. In organizing education, we are aiming to be a platform for cultural exchange. On the one hand, we hope to contribute to the preservation, development and promotion of Taijiquan in general and to the Wu style Taijiquan according to master Ma Jiangbao specifically. On the other hand, to prepare students, after graduation, to promote Taijiquan in all its facets professionally. We are convinced that the maximum benefit from study is achieved by experiencing the learned. We are guided by the Chinese literature and the intellectual framework as captured in it, like: the Taijiquan Jing, Taijiquan Lun, Shisan Shi Xinggong Xin Jie, Shisan Shi Ge and Dashou Ge etc. We are convinced that studying such substantiating texts, will help the student to better understand the Chinese mindset. As stated, we believe that theory and practice are inextricably linked. As such, skill is the result of the reciprocal influence theory and practice have on each other (practice tests insight, insight guides practice). Obtaining such skills not only requires a huge commitment of the student, it also demands for the support of an experienced teacher. In order to meet all of these criteria, we have developed a unique program in which theory and practice are taught in connection to each other. Furthermore, our program is arranged in such a way that the students can work on their development by themselves, next to the contact hours and supervision of highly qualified teachers.