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Quality control

Jiangbao – International College for Taijiquan is an independent educational institute that provides a platform to facilitate highly specialized teachers of Wu style taijiquan according to master Ma Jiangbao. To ensure impartiality, our college has no affiliations and/or business interests with companies that manufacture and/or sell products and/or services related to taijiquan. However, our college seeks to ensure high quality and to further development through strategic collaborations, aimed at the sharing of knowledge, with other schools and organizations which pursue a high level of taijiquan, professionally, academic or otherwise. Our collaboration with the European Association for Traditional Wu Tai Chi Chuan (EWTC) is an example of such a collaboration.

All teachers commissioned by our college are professionals in their own right. They all are well-trained, have a lot of experience, and are occupied with the transmission of taijiquan professionally. Because the teachers form the link between education, practice and applied research in socially relevant areas, they are obliged by our college to keep their skill-level up to date. Therefore, an important criteria for our college in recruiting teachers are: expertise, skill, motivation, ambition, perseverance, loyalty, communication skills and humor.