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Teachers and organisation

Our highly qualified team of teachers share a common love for taijiquan and an equally common desire to promote the Wu style according to master Ma Jiangbao. All teachers commissioned within our college are professionals in their own right and they all have a lot of experience instructing people. Most of them are long-time students of master Ma, and as such, received many years of intensive instruction from him. Especially with respect to the practical teachers, this long period of intensive training is rewarded with the title ‘taijiquan instructor’ (by master Ma himself). Of course, this does not prevent any of them to pursue their own interest or develop their own specialism. Our college is appreciative of such individual talents and we hope to appeal to that by commissioning them in their field of interest as much as possible. From our point of view, this not only guarantees a high level of teaching, it also unlocks the passion with which the teacher stands in front of the classroom.

In addition, our team of teachers is supported by a scientific advisory board which monitors the academic validity of our program. And, they are also assisted by a practical advisory board, which has a facilitating role and the responsible task to guard characteristic interpretation of the Wu style according to master Ma Jiangbao.