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Student In-service Days

Student In-serves Days

The intention of the Student In-service Days is to integrate the acquired knowledge, understanding, experience and skill. To integrate all these aspects is not an easy task. In addition, what is encountered in reality is sometimes different from a school setting. One of the most important skills of a good instructor is the ability to give the correct and relevant instructions. On the one hand to remain faithful to the discipline, on the other hand to meet the individual needs of the person(s) in front of you. To develop these skills, we organize the Student In-service Days.

During these Student In-service Days, three cases studies are being handled. These cases studies are provided by the students themselves and should be relevant in the context of our educational program.

The nature of these cases can vary from practical-skill refreshment, considerations concerning transmission, set-up of approach, integration of theory and practice, wellness-aspects, and self-cultivation aspects etc. The teacher shares his experiences as well as his considerations in relation to the case and, if necessary, clarifies certain theoretical aspects or starts practicing on the spot. The purpose of these days is the development of practical competence, therefor active participation of all students is expected!