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Taiji Basic Education Intense (TBEI)

The journey is the reward. (Chinese proverb)

The purpose of the Taijiquan Basic Education Intense (TBEI) is to provide a thorough and in-depth study of the theoretical fundamentals of taijiquan. This course has a duration of one year.


This course is intended for the real taijiquan enthusiast, who wants to familiarize him/herself with the substantiating theories underlying taijiquan. Besides an extensive array of exercises, taijiquan has brought forth its own theory. These theories are not only taijiquan specific, but also incorporate many others from different disciplines, like Daoism, Chinese medicine, and Internal Alchemy. This broad body of knowledge can be grouped into three main categories, namely: Philosophy, Mental/Physical Well-being, and Martial Arts. The Taijiquan Basic Education Intense provides a program based on these three categories. Its objective is to make a thorough investigation of these subject matters, how they affect each other, and how they helped shape taijiquan in its practice.

Taijiquan has been developed in China, and as such, it reflects the convictions and believe system of that culture. Their assumptions and outlook on life greatly differ from our Western culture. Based on the so-called 'Five Core Classics of Taijiquan', this course aims to clarify these culturally different views by explaining the various theories in a topic-based manner. With this, we not only intent to transmit the knowledge needed to understand these theories, we also intent to reveal the presupposed and mostly omitted connections. We deem this so important that we mainly draw from Chinese sources and literature, and predominantly use Chinese terminology to stay and/or get into their frame of mind. Although there are many styles of practice, the underlying theory is the same for all forms of taijiquan. What makes this course unique is the conveyance of basic knowledge, regardless of style specific implications. This approach makes the Taijiquan Basic Education Intense style non-specific, and is therefore accessible for everyone who wants to further their knowledge of this fascinating discipline!


Our study program follows a recurring structure. First, the general concept is studied, than the taijiquan specific interpretation. This is a conscious choice, and is done to make these foreign theories accessible for our Western mentality. Even though the study program is organized this way, one of our major aims still is on integrating them.

General overview of study subjects



The Taijiquan Basic Education Intense makes use of the following book. The student must purchase these him/herself, (approximately 20 euro):

In addition, the student will receive a very extensive syllabus (English).


The end of this intensive year of study is brought to an end by an exam. At least 75% of the program must be attended. Sufficient result is rewarded with a diploma and allows you admittance to our Professional Education program.


Mark Rusman




Anyone interested


Minimum of 4 participants


1 hour per day


Bodensee: 9 weekends from 11.00-18.00

Date: February 3, 2018

Click here for the full schedule.


300 euro per weekend; to be paid in cash before the start of the class. This includes a syllabus, and an exam.


Secondary Education; mastery of the English language (written and spoken) is a plus.


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